OK Perintä - The collection company of the new era

OK Perintä is founded in 1991 and for over 20 years we have been developing our processes to be best suited for our customers’ fields. And we also always customise our collection processes with the client in order to enable the best possible result.


“By improving the customer experience of our clients, we also increase the success of the collection process.”

Kennet Kronman - Founder

For example are we one of the pioneers in Finland when it comes to debt collection by telephone. Our efficiency in this area rely on our ability to have personal discussions with debtor customers and in that way influence their payment behaviour. Delicacy and consultation are key elements in the success of the process.

We serve our customers in Finnish, Swedish and English and also in Estonian and Russian via our subsidiary OK Incure OÛ in Estonia. OK Perintä is the third biggest collection company on the Finnish market and a part of the Norwegian B2Holding concern.


Maailma muuttuu ja me haluamme olla perintätoimisto, joka muuttuu sen mukana. Ja osaksi myös tästä syystä olemme valinneet tunnuslauseemme mukaisesti olla “uuden ajan perintätoimisto”.

Katso millaisia osaajia etsimme juuri nyt tai jätä vapaamuotoinen hakemus.

Tutustu vuosikertomukseemme sekä yrityksen tärkeimpiin avainlukuihin.

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