Ask for an offer and let our new way of debt collection benefit you!

Our renewed collection process is focused on helping debtor customers find solutions to their financial difficulties. This guarantees the best customer experience, helps free up resources and accelerates cash flow.

If you only have individual overdue invoices that need to be collected, you can use our OK Online service to leave them with us right away.

Are your customers in general

I am also interested in other services part from debt collection:

Reminder service?
eceivable purchasing (selling receivables to OK Perintä)?
Receivable management solutions?
OK Online

Welcome to the OK Online service! Easy collection of individual invoices using our webservice. The service is available 24h and is at your disposal as soon as you are registered. In the service you can

  • leave invoices for collection
  • follow up collection assignments
  • Print reports
  • Check credit information 


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