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OK Check enables quick and easy individual credit checks. The service also provides major synergy benefits because as the credit controller, you can manage your sales receivables and conduct credit queries in one location via one partner.

OK Check enables you to access information stored by credit information companies in their own registers and check the credit rating of an individual company easily and reliably.

If you have an ongoing need for credit rating queries, you can also integrate OK Check directly into your own systems. Please request further information about direct system integration if you would like to use OK Check seamlessly via your own systems.

How can I run a credit rating check?

You can easily check a credit rating directly via our OK Online client service. If you haven’t used OK Online before, start by creating a free username.


  • Kirjaudu OK Online -verkkopalveluun
  • Valitse OK Check
  • Etsi yritys joko nimen tai Y-tunnuksen avulla
  • Valitse luottotietoraportin laajuus neljästä eri vaihtoehdosta

If you haven’t used our client service before, start by creating a free username.


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