Use our versatile client service



OK Online is a client service developed by us. It makes it possible to submit invoices for collection, real-time monitoring, purchase of credit rating reports, etc. For security reasons, all communications regarding assignments take place via OK Online.

OK Online is also well suited to the collection of individual invoices. The service enables you to quickly and easily submit receivables for collection, even if you’re a new client.


What types of receivables can I submit for collection via OK Online?

For you to submit an invoice for collection directly via our client service, the debtor has to be a Finnish company or private person. Otherwise, we will contact you when we have received the information. The receivables must be undisputable and, in accordance with the law, at least one reminder must have been issued before the receivables were transferred for collection.


Why OK Online?

• A wide range of services
• Assignment monitoring
• Printing reports
• Customer-friendly collection


Our easiest client service solution, if you would like to submit individual invoices for collection.

If you consistently accumulate a large number of overdue receivables, please request a quote for our tailored collection service.

OK Online is available to all of our clients

If you have submitted receivables for collection to us but you have never used OK Online or you have forgotten your credentials, please ask for them from your contact person or our customer service. If you already have credentials for OK Online, you can log in normally.

NB: If you have forgotten your password, you can log into the service using any password, after which you can set a new password via a link.