With us, collection does not end in situations where a debtor customer, at the end of collection through legal measures, has been declared insolvent (i.e. without means) and receivables have to be written off as credit losses. The best possible collection result requires long-term work, and in such cases we transfer the receivables to post-collection. Post-collection may also arise if a debtor customer for one reason or another has not been contacted at all during the usual collection process.

Or collection advisers monitor the debtor customer’s financial situation and ensure that the receivable does not expire. By using a decision obtained though legal measures sufficiently often in enforcement, we ensure that the judgment remains valid throughout the entire post-collection period. If we observe an improvement in the customer’s ability to pay, we relaunch the collection process. We use post-collection means primarily in collection by letter and enforcement.


A company in payment difficulties may end up in administration and a private individual in debt restructuring. In both cases, OK Perintä serves by representing its client’s interests. If necessary, we give written statements to the District Court on our client’s behalf.

Post-collection is a part of our comprehensive and dynamic collection process. Read more about our customer-oriented collection services.

Päivitetään yrityksesi perintäprosessi uuteen aikaan.

Verkkopalvelussamme voit ottaa asiakaslähtöisen perintäpalvelumme käyttöön vaikka saman tien.

“Asiakastyytyväisyytemme on erinomaisella tasolla, koska myös perintä hoidetaan asiakaslähtöisesti.”

Miia Järvi, talousasiantuntija, Osuuskauppa KPO

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