Selling your invoices pays off

purchase of receivables


Selling your invoices to us is a good alternative to our reminder and collection services. Because, in addition to our flexible collection services, we specialise in buying overdue receivables and we have decades of experience of receivables trading in different industries.

In practice, when buying receivables, as a rule we make a one-time purchase of a larger amount of consumer receivables during all stages of the debt’s lifecycle.

Another way of selling invoices is based on an ongoing sales model in which we buy receivables at specific times on the basis of an agreement.


Receivables selling in a nutshell

OK Perintä can buy your invoices if the receivables to be sold are:

  • overdue and indisputable
  • receivables where the customer is a consumer
  • part of larger whole or longer-term ongoing sales


n addition to this, the receivables must not have expired. Even though we don’t buy individual invoices or receivables involving small amounts, we do offer services for managing them. The easiest way with regard to individual invoices is to submit them to us for collection via our free OK Online service.


Invoice selling brings instant cash in hand

Even though companies may have enough customers and sales, sometimes there may be room for improvement when it comes to the company’s cash funds and cash position. One important reason for this is that customers have failed to pay their invoices on time and, hence, part of the assets are tied up in receivables.

Receivables selling is a handy way of receiving a quick and sure payment for invoices that the customer has not paid on time or if there is uncertainty as to whether the customer will pay or not.

Sell us your invoices if you want to transform your overdue receivables into cash right away.


Invoice selling helps you focus on your core business

Managing overdue receivables can eat up a lot of staff resources. It is also labour-intensive and expensive and may still not guarantee that the receivables are settled. When you sell your receivables, the buyer takes charge of tasks such as monitoring due dates and submitting reminders.

Selling your invoices is an opportunity for you to free up both assets and human resources for your core business. Sell us your invoices, if you would prefer to concentrate on what matters.


Invoice selling makes your operations easier to predict

Invoice selling instantly transfers overdue receivables into cash and frees up your resources. However, it also offers other benefits. By selling your invoices, you can improve the predictability of your cash flow and save on administrative costs. As selling your invoices to OK Perintä will make us the new owners of the receivables, it is also a good way of reducing the amount of potential credit losses. Ongoing sales enable you to know the total amount of credit loss even at the time of sale because you have an agreement in place for the sales price of the receivable.

One way to utilise invoice selling is linked to accounting. You see, invoice selling makes it possible to convert sales receivables into cash before year-end accounts.


Invoice selling does not mean giving up on a customer relationship

One consideration when selling your overdue receivables is that you still want to make a good impression on your customer. When collecting the receivables we have purchased, we take the customer’s financial situation into account in everything we do and provide the customer with the opportunity to flexibly agree on how to settle the payment.

At OK Perintä, we provide all of our customers with a reliable, tailored service. This lies at the heart of our new solution-based approach. Our skilled and experienced employees will ensure that your customers get the best possible experience when they’re a bit late with their payments.

Sell us your invoices if you want to ensure that your customers remain in good hands.

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