Our reminder services save your resources

A high-quality, customer-oriented reminder service increases the success of collection, and we have also sought to make our reminder services into as comprehensive a package as possible. As our client, you won’t have to worry about invoices possibly falling overdue, because we will handle the sending of payment reminders to your customers in a punctual and customer-friendly way. Our tailored reminder services, moreover, are not only based on reminder letters; we may, on a case-by-case basis and if necessary, approach debtor customers also by telephone or email. SMS text messages are also part of our service.

If payment is not made despite a reminder, the receivable in question is transferred automatically to our debt collection service. We also keep you continually up to date on the situation of your overdue receivables and, as our client, you may also conveniently visit our online service to monitor the progress of collection in real time.


The earlier the stage that we are in contact with your customers, the more effective and coherent a package the collection process will be. In many cases, the introduction of automatic reminders has had a significant impact on the success of collection. At the same time, our reminder service may help accelerate the rotation times of your receivables.



Our tailored reminder services are particularly suitable for companies that have large monthly invoicing volumes. To ensure the best possible success, the service includes, in addition to traditional payment reminders, personal contacts by telephone as well as text message reminders. Reminders can also be sent by email. 

Please contact us if you wish to discuss reminder solutions tailored precisely to your needs.

Activate our effective and reliable reminder service.

Verkkopalvelussamme voit ottaa asiakaslähtöisen perintäpalvelumme käyttöön vaikka saman tien.

"We have been able to free up found and personnel resources, for developing our own core business operations."

Arim Salci, Country Manager, Northmill Oy

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