Our services

We can expedite your cash flow, improve your customer experience and enable you to free up your crucial resources for your own core business by providing customer-oriented services for the entire lifecycle of your receivables. And best of all, everyone wins when your customers can settled their debts as quickly and flexibly as possible.

Take a closer look at our services and get in touch with us to receive further information on the ways in which we can help you bring your collection process forward into the modern age!


Our new collection method is based on assistance and tailored solutions. In addition to better collection results, this improves our clients’ customer experience.

New clients can also submit invoices for collection easily via our online service, straight away, if necessary. The service also enables you to monitor transactions.

You can sell us your major consumer receivables at any stage of the debt’s lifecycle, either as a one-time payment or on the basis of the ongoing sales model.

A good customer-oriented reminder service saves resources, helps your customers and improves the success rate of collections.

Monitoring your customer’s financial situation, credibility and solvency will enable you to make informed decisions and avoid credit losses.

We can help with the collection of disputed receivables, draw up contracts, financial solutions, matters relating to white-collar crime and changes in business operations.